9/16/2006 The Maronite Tadition St. Ephrem Maronite, El Cajon Fr. Nabil Mouannes n/a church visit: prayer
El Cajon,  service and talk
9/28/2006 information booth St. Andrew Abbey ssjc-wr volunteers handouts and
Valyermo (Arts Fair) display
11/18/2006 Healing: Prince of Peace Abbey Fr. George Morelli Br. Daniel Sokol, OSB
Eastern & Western traditions. Oceanside
1/13/2007 Spirituality:
Eastern & Western Perspectives St. George Serbian Fr. James Babcock Fr. Hugh Barbour O. Praem.
San Diego
1/20/2007 Icons of Mt. Sinai Getty Museum n/a n/a bus trip from S. Diego
Los Angeles 57 attendees
3/10/2007 Raising Orthodox Children  St. John Garabed Armenian Fr. George Morelli n/a workshop
in a Secular World San  Diego co-sponsor with
Orth clergy  Conf.
3/17/2007 Veneration of Saints: St. Paul's Greek Fr. Steve Tsichlis Chris O'Donnell
Traditions of East and West Irvine
5/26/2007 Repenting Disunity Holy Cross Melkite,  Fr. Alexei Smith prayer service
Report on OL Conference:  Placentia Jack Figel video and talk
9/15/2007 Armenian Holocaust St. John Garabed Armenian Fr. Datev Tatoulian n/a with film
San Diego
11/17/2007 Encountering Coptic Spirituality St. Demiana Coptic Fr. Kyrillos Ibrahim n/a after Liturgy
San Diego
1/26/2008 Monastic Spirituality St. Matthew's Antiochian Mother Melania Fr. Simon O'Donnell OSB.
in Everyday Life Torrance
3/1/2008 Retreat: Drawing closer to St. Paul's  Met. Kallistos n/a sponsored by
the Savior: Sacramental Life Irvine St. Paul's
5/3/2008 Theology of the Body San Rafael parish Fr. George Morelli Fr. Michael Robinson
Perspectives of E. & W. Churches Rancho Bernardo
9/6/2008 The Effect of Mideast Conflict  St. Peter's Chaldean Bp. Jammo, none
 on Christian Spirituality El Cajon Fr. Kyrillos Ibrahim
Fr. James Babcock
11/1/2008 Personal Spiritual Direction Practices Holy Cross Melkite Fr. Robert Pipta Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem.
in Christian  Tradition, East and West Placentia
11/11/2008 Christianity in Holy Russia Holy Angels Byz, Cath n/a Jay Mihal PowerPoint travelogue
San Diego
1/3/2009 Impediments to Unity St. Margaret's Fr. Ramon Merlos Fr. John Monestero
Catholic & Orthodox Oceanside
3/14/2009 Sin, Confession and San Rafael Parish Fr. George Morelli Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis
Reconciliation Rancho Bernardo
5/2/2009 Mary: East and West St. Philip Melkite Fr. Justin Rose Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem
San Bernardino
9/12/2009 Married Saints Prince of Peace Abbey Presbytera Joy Corona Br. Daniel Sokol OSB
East and West Oceanside
11/14/2009 Theology and Liturgy St. Maria Goretti Fr. Alexei Smith Msgr. Liam Kidney
of Funerals Long Beach
1/16/2010 Real Saints; Real People Holy Angels Fr. George Morelli Fr. Cávana Wallace
San Diego
3/10/2010 Common Date for Pascha St. Paul's  Fr. Steve Tsichlis Fr. Al Baca
5/1/2010 What can we do to achieve unity San Rafael Parish Fr. George Morelli Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis Based on Fr. Hopko:
 unity between Eastern Catholics  Rancho Bernardo Moderator: Fr. James "Speaking the truth
and Eastern Orthodox?  Babcock in Love…."
Education, Mission and Witness 
9/18/2010 The Sense of the Transcendent St. Margaret's  Fr. Michael Courey Fr. Cávana Wallace
in Art and Architecture Oceanside
of the East and West
11/13/2010 Music & Chant of the Western St. Michael's Abbey n/a Fr. Hugh Barbour, Fr. Jerome Part I of Music 
Church. Theory, Dev. & praxis Silverado  Molokie, Fr. Chrysostom  and Chant
Baer, (all Norbertines)
1/28/2011 Music and Chant St. George Serbian Vlad Morosan n/a Part II of Music and
Of the Eastern Church San Diego Chant
A participatory workshop co-sponsor: Orth.
clergy conf.
2/5/2011 Light of the East Conference ( see separate listing)
5/21/2011 Beauty in Evangelization San Rafael Parish Fr Saba Shofany Bennett Lord, A.I.A., 
East and West Rancho Bernardo
10/1/2011 Christian Baptismal  St. Paul's Fr. Steve Tsichlis Fr. William Fitzgerald, O. Praem.
Catechesis in the traditions of Irvine
Eastern & Western Churches
1/7/2012 Christmas Customs in St. Margaret's Fr. James Babcock Fr. Cávana Wallace
Eastern & Western Churches Oceanside
2/25/2012 Lent: East and West Sts. Constantine  Fr. Bratso Krsic Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis
and Helen Greek Ortho.
Cardiff, CA
5/19/2012 Praise of the Mother of God St. John the Baptizer Mother Sarah Oftedal Joseph Cunningham
Ukrainian Cath. 
La Mesa
11/12/2012 Patristic Fathers of the San Rafael parish Presbytera Eugenia Fr. John Proctor Jr.
Church: Eastern and Western Rancho Bernardo Constantinou
1/26/2013 Mothers of the Church Holy Cross Melkite Fr. James Babcock Carmen Ribera
East and West Placentia
03/1-2/2013 LOE Conf: Following Jesus:  See separate listing)
The Power of Forgiveness
6/8/2013 Sacred Vessels & Vestments St. Margaret's Fr. Robert Pipta Fr. Cávana Wallace
Celebrating the Eucharist, Oceanside
East and West
10/5/2013 The State of the Christian St. John Maron Bp. Nicholas Samra Rev. Mitri Raheb (Lutheran)
Churches of the Middle East Orange. CA ChorBp Samuel Dinkha
Moderator: Fr. James
11/16/2013 The Spirit of Fasting in   Our Lady of Kazan Fr. Antony Bahou no show (Barbour)
Catholic and Orthodox Spirituality. San Diego
2/1/2014 "The Holy (?) Land: Ten Weeks  San Rafael none Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis slide show, talk
 in the Pressure Cooker" Rancho Bernardo travelogue
3/15/2014 Interiorized Spirituality  Prince of  Peace Abbey Fr. George Morelli none invited
(Monasticism) and the  Oceanside
Domestic Church
5/16-17/2014 LOE Conf: Christianity and See separate listing
Islam: Christian perspectives
9/27/2014 State of the  Christian Church St. John the Baptizer  Fr. James Bankston none
in Ukraine Ukrainian Cath. Moderator:  
La Mesa Fr. George Morelli
11/15/2014 Melkite  Interventions  St. Paul's Fr. James Babcock none invited
at Vatican II  Irvine Orthodox perspective response:
Fr. Steve Tsichlis
1/17/2015 Canon Law: Our Lady of Kazan Orth.Fr. Antony Bahou Fr. Michael Ravenkamp Video link on website
East and West San Diego Fr. James Bankston
5/16/2015 Evangelization; Immaculate Conception,  Patty Diaz Chris O'Donnell
East and West San Diego
9/26/2015 Different Translations of HolyAngels Byzantine CatholicChurch Presbytera (no show) Michael Barber Video link on website
Scripture used by Orthdox and San Diego Eugenia Constantinou (unable at come)
Catholic Churches
11/14/2015 Understanding the St. Paul American Coptic Fr. Kyrillos Ibrahim PowerPoint and Mp3
Oriental Churches Tustin links on website
1/23/2016 The Diaconate in the St. Nicholas Antiochian Fr. Deacon Maxime Najim  Deacon David J. Estrada
Orthodox and Catholic Churches  Orthodox Christian Cathedral
2/5/2011 Steps to common Witness, St. Paul's  Met. Gerasimos Bp. Tod Brown
Steps towards Unity Irvine Fr. Thomas Fitzgerald Fr. Ronald Roberson
03/1-2/2013 Following Jesus: The Power St. Paul's  Dr. Lisa Gassin Dr. Robert Enright
of Forgiveness. Irvine
5/16-17/2014 Christianity and Islam: St. Paul's Fr. Steve Tsichlis Fr. Quan Tran JD, STL (RC)
Christian perspectives  Irvine Pastor Ron Marshall (Lutheran)