9/16/2006 The Maronite Tadition St. Ephrem Maronite, El Cajon Fr. Nabil Mouannes n/a church visit: prayer
El Cajon,  service and talk
9/28/2006 information booth St. Andrew Abbey ssjc-wr volunteers handouts and
Valyermo (Arts Fair) display
11/18/2006 Healing: Prince of Peace Abbey Fr. George Morelli Br. Daniel Sokol, OSB
Eastern & Western traditions. Oceanside
1/13/2007 Spirituality:
Eastern & Western Perspectives St. George Serbian Fr. James Babcock Fr. Hugh Barbour O. Praem.
San Diego
1/20/2007 Icons of Mt. Sinai Getty Museum n/a n/a bus trip from S. Diego
Los Angeles 57 attendees
3/10/2007 Raising Orthodox Children  St. John Garabed Armenian Fr. George Morelli n/a workshop
in a Secular World San  Diego co-sponsor with
Orth clergy  Conf.
3/17/2007 Veneration of Saints: St. Paul's Greek Fr. Steve Tsichlis Chris O'Donnell
Traditions of East and West Irvine
5/26/2007 Repenting Disunity Holy Cross Melkite,  Fr. Alexei Smith prayer service
Report on OL Conference:  Placentia Jack Figel video and talk
9/15/2007 Armenian Holocaust St. John Garabed Armenian Fr. Datev Tatoulian n/a with film
San Diego
11/17/2007 Encountering Coptic Spirituality St. Demiana Coptic Fr. Kyrillos Ibrahim n/a after Liturgy
San Diego
1/26/2008 Monastic Spirituality St. Matthew's Antiochian Mother Melania Fr. Simon O'Donnell OSB.
in Everyday Life Torrance
3/1/2008 Retreat: Drawing closer to St. Paul's  Met. Kallistos n/a sponsored by
the Savior: Sacramental Life Irvine St. Paul's
5/3/2008 Theology of the Body San Rafael parish Fr. George Morelli Fr. Michael Robinson
Perspectives of E. & W. Churches Rancho Bernardo
9/6/2008 The Effect of Mideast Conflict  St. Peter's Chaldean Bp. Jammo, none
 on Christian Spirituality El Cajon Fr. Kyrillos Ibrahim
Fr. James Babcock
11/1/2008 Personal Spiritual Direction Practices Holy Cross Melkite Fr. Robert Pipta Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem.
in Christian  Tradition, East and West Placentia
11/11/2008 Christianity in Holy Russia Holy Angels Byz, Cath n/a Jay Mihal PowerPoint travelogue
San Diego
1/3/2009 Impediments to Unity St. Margaret's Fr. Ramon Merlos Fr. John Monestero
Catholic & Orthodox Oceanside
3/14/2009 Sin, Confession and San Rafael Parish Fr. George Morelli Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis
Reconciliation Rancho Bernardo
5/2/2009 Mary: East and West St. Philip Melkite Fr. Justin Rose Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem
San Bernardino
9/12/2009 Married Saints Prince of Peace Abbey Presbytera Joy Corona Br. Daniel Sokol OSB
East and West Oceanside
11/14/2009 Theology and Liturgy St. Maria Goretti Fr. Alexei Smith Msgr. Liam Kidney
of Funerals Long Beach
1/16/2010 Real Saints; Real People Holy Angels Fr. George Morelli Fr. Cávana Wallace
San Diego
3/10/2010 Common Date for Pascha St. Paul's  Fr. Steve Tsichlis Fr. Al Baca
5/1/2010 What can we do to achieve unity San Rafael Parish Fr. George Morelli Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis Based on Fr. Hopko:
 unity between Eastern Catholics  Rancho Bernardo Moderator: Fr. James "Speaking the truth
and Eastern Orthodox?  Babcock in Love…."
Education, Mission and Witness 
9/18/2010 The Sense of the Transcendent St. Margaret's  Fr. Michael Courey Fr. Cávana Wallace
in Art and Architecture Oceanside
of the East and West
11/13/2010 Music & Chant of the Western St. Michael's Abbey n/a Fr. Hugh Barbour, Fr. Jerome Part I of Music 
Church. Theory, Dev. & praxis Silverado  Molokie, Fr. Chrysostom  and Chant
Baer, (all Norbertines)
1/28/2011 Music and Chant St. George Serbian Vlad Morosan n/a Part II of Music and
Of the Eastern Church San Diego Chant
A participatory workshop co-sponsor: Orth.
clergy conf.
2/5/2011 Light of the East Conference ( see separate listing)
5/21/2011 Beauty in Evangelization San Rafael Parish Fr Saba Shofany Bennett Lord, A.I.A., 
East and West Rancho Bernardo
10/1/2011 Christian Baptismal  St. Paul's Fr. Steve Tsichlis Fr. William Fitzgerald, O. Praem.
Catechesis in the traditions of Irvine
Eastern & Western Churches
1/7/2012 Christmas Customs in St. Margaret's Fr. James Babcock Fr. Cávana Wallace
Eastern & Western Churches Oceanside
2/25/2012 Lent: East and West Sts. Constantine  Fr. Bratso Krsic Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis
and Helen Greek Ortho.
Cardiff, CA
5/19/2012 Praise of the Mother of God St. John the Baptizer Mother Sarah Oftedal Joseph Cunningham
Ukrainian Cath. 
La Mesa
11/12/2012 Patristic Fathers of the San Rafael parish Presbytera Eugenia Fr. John Proctor Jr.
Church: Eastern and Western Rancho Bernardo Constantinou
1/26/2013 Mothers of the Church Holy Cross Melkite Fr. James Babcock Carmen Ribera
East and West Placentia
03/1-2/2013 LOE Conf: Following Jesus:  See separate listing)
The Power of Forgiveness
6/8/2013 Sacred Vessels & Vestments St. Margaret's Fr. Robert Pipta Fr. Cávana Wallace
Celebrating the Eucharist, Oceanside
East and West
10/5/2013 The State of the Christian St. John Maron Bp. Nicholas Samra Rev. Mitri Raheb (Lutheran)
Churches of the Middle East Orange. CA ChorBp Samuel Dinkha
Moderator: Fr. James
11/16/2013 The Spirit of Fasting in   Our Lady of Kazan Fr. Antony Bahou no show (Barbour)
Catholic and Orthodox Spirituality. San Diego
2/1/2014 "The Holy (?) Land: Ten Weeks  San Rafael none Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis slide show, talk
 in the Pressure Cooker" Rancho Bernardo travelogue
3/15/2014 Interiorized Spirituality  Prince of  Peace Abbey Fr. George Morelli none invited
(Monasticism) and the  Oceanside
Domestic Church
5/16-17/2014 LOE Conf: Christianity and See separate listing
Islam: Christian perspectives
9/27/2014 State of the  Christian Church St. John the Baptizer  Fr. James Bankston none
in Ukraine Ukrainian Cath. Moderator:  
La Mesa Fr. George Morelli
11/15/2014 Melkite  Interventions  St. Paul's Fr. James Babcock none invited
at Vatican II  Irvine Orthodox perspective:
Fr. Steve Tsichlis
1/17/2015 Canon Law: Our Lady of Kazan Orth.Fr. Antony Bahou Fr. Michael Ravenkamp
East and West San Diego Fr. James Bankston
5/16/2015 Evangelization; Immaculate Conception,  Patty Diaz Chris O'Donnell
East and West San Diego
2/5/2011 Steps to common Witness, St. Paul's  Met. Gerasimos Bp. Tod Brown
Steps towards Unity Irvine Fr. Thomas Fitzgerald Fr. Ronald Roberson
03/1-2/2013 Following Jesus: The Power St. Paul's  Dr. Lisa Gassin Dr. Robert Enright
of Forgiveness. Irvine
5/16-17/2014 Christianity and Islam: St. Paul's Fr. Steve Tsichlis Fr. Quan Tran JD, STL (RC)
Christian perspectives  Irvine Pastor Ron Marshall (Lutheran)