Minutes — February 25, 2012

 Minutes of the SSJC-WR Meeting

February 25, 2012 Sts. Constantine and Helena's Greek Orthodox Church, Cardiff, CA PROGRAM 10:05 AM Introductory Remarks by V. Rev. Fr. George Morelli. St. John Chrysostom Society Presentation - Lent: In the Traditions of the Eastern & Western Churches. Questions to be written down and held until the end of the presentation. 10:10 AM Prayer Service: Opening Prayer (Fr. Bratso Krsic, St. George Serbian Orthodox Church) 10:30 AM Presentation: Lent: In the Traditions of the Eastern & Western Churches; Presenters- Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis (West), Archpriest Fr. Bratso Krsic (East), Moderator: V. Rev. Fr. George Morelli; (Attendance 15-20). BUSINESS MEETING Present: Officers: President: V. Rev. Archpriest George Morelli, V.P.: Rt. Rev. Archimandrite James Babcock; Secretary: Marian Cavadias; Treasurer: Bob Greenwell; Chaplain: Fr. Cávana Wallace; Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis; Chaplain Fr. Ramon Merlos. Members: Diane Alves; Fr. Deacon Michael Creighton; Parliamentarian: Frank Scialdone (Excused). At 12:15 PM, Fr. Ramon Merlos offered opening prayer. Fr. Cávana Wallace motioned to approve agenda, seconded by Fr. Ramon, approved unanimously. President’s Report: - Fr. George formally thanked Fr. John Angelis and Sts. Constantine and Helena for hosting us. Also, thanked Fr. Bratso Krsic and Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis for their presentations. Requested prayers for Anne Petach for healing, and for Fr. George’s brother, Peter, for healing and improved mobility. Vice President’s Report Fr. Ramon Merlos thanked all for their support. Treasurer’s Report Bob Greenwell – Deposited $100.00 for 2 memberships; $2,152.78 in bank as of 2/25/12. Bob completed a membership report (copy given to Secretary), there are 38 paid members. Fr. Bratso donated back his stipend for speaking. The Newsletter cost $500.00. Parliamentarian: Frank Scialdone was not in attendance due to family illness, Fr. George gave report: The May Meeting will conduct nominations for Vice President and President. Self-nominations are allowed. Historian Anne Petach (Excused) - No Report. Secretary’s Report – Marian Cavadias introduced herself and gave brief outline of past experience in Information Technology and Desktop publishing. Last General Meeting was at St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church on January 7, 2012 and an Ex. Bd. Meeting was held at St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church on February 1, 2012. Motion made to approve Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report by acclamation. Fr. Ramon acclaimed. Newsletter Report – Fr. James, the newsletter is completed, printed, and was distributed at the Program. Copies are available for all Bd. Members. Chaplain’s Report – Fr. Cávana Wallace; Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis (excused due to another appointment). Fr. Cávana prays for us daily. Fr. James requests prayers for the success of our work, each day. We cannot do it without God. OLD BUSINESS Programs for 2012: May 1, 2012: Praise of the Mother of God: In Eastern and Western Traditions. Location: St. John the Baptizer Ukrainian Catholic Church, in La Mesa. Pastor: Fr. James Bankston. Flyer is available for distribution. Fr. George announced the speaker presenting the eastern tradition would be Mother Sarah. He suggested that she may talk about the writings of St Elizabeth of Hungary on the subject of Mary. Fr. Cávana announced the western speaker would be a theology professor from John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, and will speak about Marian doctrine in Roman Catholicism. He will have confirmation of speaker by Wednesday, February 29th. Fr. George discussed the Light of the East Conference; the first one held about one year ago was very successful. The speaker for the next planned conference, Dr. Robert Enright (Prof. of Psychology at Univ. of WI) works with the Vatican frequently and works with groups in N. Ireland. However, due to circumstances, it was necessary to postpone the conference planned for March 2012. Due to Dr. Enright’s travel schedule he is not available to speak in the fall of this year, but he is widely available, on weekends, the following spring. He has agreed with Fr. George to speak on any weekend in the spring of 2013. Fr. George has offered to give the Eastern perspective on the topic of forgiveness. Fr. George proposed scheduling an Ex. Bd. Meeting immediately after Lent ends to plan the details of the conference. Fr. George suggested that we seek sponsors for the event. Marian suggested approaching St. Paul the Great University to see if they would be interested in a sponsorship. NEW BUSINESS Fr. George asked for suggestions on topics for future programs, and invited members to email any suggestions to him. Proposed Programs for 2012: Fr. Steve has suggested "Ecumenism of Martyrdom" at the Copt Church in Orange County. Open discussion on possible future topics: 1. Topic on Patristic Fathers of the Church. Common Fathers of the Church and how they are viewed today in East & West. 2. Differences in theology between East & West. What separates us? Topic to be narrowed in further discussions as this topic was covered in our last conference and newsletter. 3. Eastern Catholic churches: Problems? Resolutions? Status? 4. Persecution of Christians in the world today. 5. The Eucharist in Eastern & Western traditions. Perhaps a presentation of vestments, etc. used during Divine Liturgy and Masses. Need to narrow topic in future discussions. Action Item (For Secretary) send email to solicit suggestions for topics. Announcements: The 2012 Huffington Ecumenical Symposium: " Pan-Orthodoxy, Towards a Local Church." March 16-17, 2012 at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. No charge but registration required. Further info at: http://bellarmine.lmu.edu/ecumenical/pan-orthodoxy June 18, 2012- June 21, 2012: ORIENTALE LUMEN XVI CONFERENCE "Theology of the Laity". Washington Retreat House, Washington, DC. For further info: http://www.olconference.com/ Action Item (For Secretary) send out an email to all members announcing conference. 1:05 PM: No other motions from the floor, the motion to adjourn was made by Bob Greenwell, seconded by Fr. Ramon Merlos. The meeting closed with a prayer by Fr. Cávana. Respectfully submitted by Marian Cavadias (Secretary ).  

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