Minutes — September 18, 2010

Minutes of the SSJC-WR Meeting September, 18, 2010 St. Margaret Roman Catholic Church, Oceanside, CA PROGRAM 10:00 Prayer Service (Fr. Cávana Wallace, Pastor of St. Margaret’s 10:30 Spirituality Presentation: The Sense of the Transcendence in Art and Architecture, East and West; Presenters: Fr. Cávana Wallace (West) Fr. Michael Courey, (East). Moderator: V. Rev. Fr. George Morelli; (Attendance 40-45) BUSINESS MEETING Present: Officers: Pres: Fr. George, Sect’y: Anne Petach, Treas.: Bob Greenwell, Frank Scialdone: Fr. Fr. Cávana Wallace (representing Msgr. Mikulanis; A Members: Diane Alves; Assc. Member Pastor Paul Bieber (new); Stephen Kiczek; Excused; Fr. James Babcock, Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis; At 1:30 p.m., following a tour of St. Margret’s Church led by Fr. Cávana, Fr. George invited Pastor Bieber to offer the opening prayer. President’s Report: - -Thanked Fr. Cávana Wallace and Fr. Michael Courey for their presentations and Fr. Cávana and St. Margaret's Church for hosting us. National news: There will be one OL Conference per year. Next year at John Paul II Center at Catholic U. June 20-23, 2011. A Fifteenth Anniversary Conference. For this anniversary conference Jack Figel hopes to invite high-powered speakers such as Cardinal Kasper and Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev. Met. Kallistos and Fr. Robert Taft are already committed. Topic: The Nature of the Papacy: Pope Patriarch, Bishop? Historical roles, then and now. He is seriously considering a West Coast OL Conference in 2012, either with the Huffington or in San Diego, and in 2013 in the Midwest, and is working on getting both Catholic and Orthodox Patrons for the National SSJC. -The agenda was circulated and approved by consensus as presented.. Secretary's Report –(Anne Petach) The Minutes of the May 1, 2010 meeting were circulated. Motion to approve: Frank. Seconded: Bob. Accepted Unanimously Treasurer's Report: - (Bob Greenwell) Previous balance: $1425.73; received $828. for speaker stipend disbursed: $100. Balance as of Sept. 18, 2010: $ 2153.73. The monks of Holy Resurrection Monastery sent the second half of their $500 pledge and thus have paid for a full issue of the newsletter. The Treasurer recently sent out a dues renewal request letter to “send what you can if not you are not able to send full membership in these hard times.” In response, one long-time member sent $25 and an elderly widow on SS income sent $3.00 with a note explaining that it was “as much as I can manage.” Meeting attendees expressed gratitude for these contributions. The application to the State of California for the certification as 501(c) 3 which is needed to open a multi-signature non-personal SSJC-WR bank account was sent in and a postcard reply was received stating that the State would respond to the application by Nov. 25, 2010. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report: Frank. Second: Anne. Unanimously approved. Historian's & Library Report – (Anne Petach) Volunteers are eagerly sought to take on these responsibilities. A small selection of Library materials related to the topic was brought to this meeting for members to sign out. Sgt-at-Arms—Parliamentarian Report: - (Frank Scialdone). Frank pointed out that members and non-members were not allowed to speak at meetings until after Executive Board Members had fully discussed an item. This concept was completely new to the other Board Members present. Immediately calling an “executive session,” the Ex. Board members present voted by majority to refer the matter to the next Ex. Board meeting (Oct. 18, 2010). OLD BUSINESS Newsletter Report – Fr. James reported by e-mail that he is beginning work on the next issue and material for it can be sent in as soon as possible. Lorna Holt, photographer for St. Margaret’s parish took photos of the Transcendence in Art Program and will e-mail them to the Secretary. Web Page Update. Fr. Hans Jacobse has only a few finishing touches to put on the website. Anne Petach has sent him some of the material for the sections of the site. Fr. Has will train Diane Alves for updating the web. Ex. Board members wills end material to Fr. George to send to her. Speakers’ Bureau- (Anne P.) Updated list of speakers was distributed (attached). Members were asked to circulate in their parishes or organizations. 2010-2011 Programs: 13 Nov. 2010: Music/Chant: Fr. George noted that a change had had to be made at St. George’s Serbian Church, which was to host had canceled because they were to have a music workshop from the three week before and felt that our would follow too closely. Thus the meeting venue and topic were changed to Music of the Western Church, Theology, development and practice, a participatory experience workshop. Location: St. Michael Norbertine Monastery, Silverado, Orange County, CA. 8 or 15 Jan 2011: The date will be finalized depending on availability of Dr. Morosan, which in turn depends on schedule of episcopal visit to parish where he is choir director. Music/Chant: East Theology, development and practice, a participatory experience workshop. St. George's Serbian Orthodox Church, San Diego, Dr. Vladimir Morosan expert in all forms of Eastern Orthodox music. (www.musicarussica.com) 05 Feb 2011: Light of the East (Special Conference): Current Status of the Official Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue: St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church Irvine, CA. Metropolitan Gerasimos, Bishop Tod Brown and Bishop Nicholas Samra. Speakers: Fr. Thomas Fitzgerald; Fr. Ronald Roberson. May 2011: Date TBD. The Theology of Beauty in Evangelization. Location (in planning either: San Rafael's Catholic Church, Rancho Bernardo or possible tour of Religious Exhibits at an area museum which is being investigated.). (East Speaker: Fr. George Morelli, West: TBD Nominating Committee- (Frank S.) The Nominating committee was unanimous in announcing their slate: Fr. George for President, Bob Greenwell for Treasurer. Nominations will be accepted from the floor before the elections, to be held at the next meeting. Standing Orders Update- (Frank S.) The only change required at present is to delete from the Standing Orders the section regarding not pursuing non-profit status and inserting under the Policies: “The SSJC-WR will pursue non-profit status and will take the necessary steps to achieve and maintain 501(c) 3 status.” No other changes were recommended at this point but he will continue to assess the need for any further changes. Updated version of Standing Orders and Policies is attached. This will be presented for a vote at the next General Membership meeting. (Nov. 13, 2010) NEW BUSINESS Announcement of special meetings and events: Anne P. circulated a list of events and particularly called attention to: the Nov. 5, 6 program in Costa Mesa with Hieromonk Irenei Steenberg; the Huffington Symposium Nov. 17, 2101 and various weekend retreats scheduled by Holy Resurrection Monastery at Valyermo, CA. Fr. George and Fr. James will represent SSJC-WR on Monday Sept. 20 at a lecture at St. Stephen’s Serbian Orthodox Church in Alhambra to be given by Dr. Chris Yannaras. There being no other motions from the floor, the motion to adjourn was made by Frank Scialdone. The meeting closed at 2:12 p.m. with a prayer by Fr. Cávana Wallace. Respectfully submitted by Anne C. Petach.

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