Minutes — May 1, 2010

Minutes of the SSJC-WR Meeting May 1, 2010 San Rafael Roman Catholic Parish, Rancho Bernardo The business meeting of the SSJC/WR began at approximately 1:00 p.m. The opening prayer was led by Fr. James Babcock. “Thank You” was expressed to Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis and San Rafael Catholic Church for hosting today’s meeting. Fr. Morelli and Msgr. Dennis each presented on Healing the Schism Between East and West. Close to 40 people were in attendance. On May 21st Archangel Michael Coptic Church in Santa Ana will host an ecumenical prayer service. Visitors were welcomed and Officers were introduced. Upcoming Program: OLC in Washington, D.C. – 2011 – invited speakers are Metropolitan Kallistos Ware and Cardinal Walter Kasper. Information about the 2010 OLC can be found in the Newsletter. OLC XIV North - June 7 – 10, 2010, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ OLC XIV East – June 21-24 – Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, Washington, D.C. Online registration can be made at www.olconference.com Hopefully OLC will return to San Diego in a few years time. VICE PRESIDENT REMARKS: Light of the East will come out after the OLC. It will also report on today’s event. The colors of the newsletter will change periodically to distinguish issues. Fr. James requested that articles be submitted for publication. SECRETARY REPORT: Anne Petach is excused. No report. Minutes: MSP acceptance HISTORIAN REPORT: No report SGT AT ARMS: No report TREASURER’S REPORT: $772.33 in bank $200 recently received as dues – Total $972.38 Donation from San Rafael Parish – money collected for the day - $145.00 Total on hand: $1117.38 Expenses: Newsletter - Printing = $390 Postage = $100 (approx. 550 copies) The bill for the new website has not yet been received, but a donation has been received to cover the first year’s cost ($100). As for the Newsletter: Fr. Steve Tsichlis in Irvine receives 1 copy and then reproduces it for his parish. An email version is also sent out after mailed copies. BOARD MEETING At the last Executive Board meeting a Grant Writer was introduced who is not familiar with the Ancient Apostolic Church. The Board is not comfortable with his understanding of who we are, nor have references for his work yet been received by the Board. Furthermore, he expects to be paid upfront for the work he proposes. SPEAKERS BUREAU Several are available to go out and speak on behalf of the SSJC/WR. Fr. Babcock can speak in Orange County; Fr. George and Msgr. Dennis can speak in San Diego County; Fr. Alexei Smith and Fr. Maximos of Holy Resurrection Monastery (Valyermo) can speak in L.A. County. (The monks of Holy Resurrection have given a grant to the SSJC/WR). Once again the meeting discussed how to make better use of the Speakers Bureau. It might be possible to add speakers to existing programs in parishes. We should let the parish Directors of Adult Education know we are available. Suggestions were asked concerning the web site, grants and speakers bureau. Grants: The Greek Catholic Union has an insurance group that provides grants. Contact with them is a possibility. Gloria and Frank agreed to try to contact them. FUTURE PROGRAMS Our schedule is based on the academic year. The next scheduled program will be September 18, 2010, at St. Margaret’s Catholic Church, 4300 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92056 (telephone: 760.941.5560). Topic: The Sense of the Transcendent in art and architecture, East and West. Catholic Speaker is Fr. Cavana Wallace. We are still looking for an Orthodox Speaker. Proposals for future topics are: Sacred Scripture and Liturgy Effectiveness and Sensitivity in Communication Rome and Orthodoxy Music and Chant in East and West Violence – Eastern and Western Perspectives Spiritual Life in the East and the West Theology of Marriage Theology of Beauty in Evangelization It was mentioned that Fr. Tsichlis has recommended that we produce a “mini” Light of the East Conference in Southern California. The concept is under serious discussion and, if it happens, would most likely take place toward the end of February, 2011. After considerable discussion the motion was made that the SSJC/WR sponsor two (2) regular upcoming meetings on Spirituality, presented in Music and Chant, East and West: Theory, Development and Praxis. These presentations would be November, 2010 and January, 2011. Moved; Seconded; Approved Location of meetings to be decided. St. George Serbian Orthodox Church was suggested as site for Eastern meeting. Motion was made: Third program, May, 2011, be entitled Theology of Marriage; East and West. Location: To be decided. Moved; Seconded; Approved Suggestion was made that the Executive Committee investigate the possibility of allowing congregational membership in SSJC/WR to supplement individual memberships. NOMINATING COMMITTEE is needed by June. There will be two positions to fill – President and Treasurer. Frank chairs the Nominating Committee and all work will be done via email, with no meetings necessary: Volunteered to serve on the Committee: Fr. James Bankston (frjames@mac.com) – Eastern Catholic; Fr. Ramon Merlos – Orthodox; Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis – Latin Catholic; Gloria Brissette – E. Catholic OTHER BUSINESS Status of Western Region Non Profit Application: discussion tabled until next Executive Board Meeting. However, it was noted that dues and donations ARE deductible from taxes. Question: Must dues be paid all at once or can dues be paid in installments? A: Installments are acceptable but all donations are credited by fiscal year. MOTION TO END THE MEETING: MSA - 2:45 p.m. Minutes submitted by Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis in the absence of the Secretary

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