Lending Library Catalog

Dear Fellow Society Member, St. John ChrysostomTo help fulfill our goal of promoting an understanding of Eastern Christianity and ecumenical dialogue, the Society of St John Chrysostom-Western Region is pleased to present our Lending Library Catalog of books, audio and video presentations, available free to our membership. To borrow any item, simply send your request to the contact below. Depending upon your requirements, your order will be either mailed or delivered to you at our next meeting. Please limit your selections to your immediate needs and make every effort to return them promptly so that other members may also benefit from these resources. Items listed from Eastern Christian Publications (marked ECP under Author) are available to borrow or buy. They would make a great addition to any parish or home library. Revenue from the sale of these items will be used to purchase other copies. We also welcome donations of books, tapes, CD's or DVD's or any material pertaining to Eastern Christianity and ecumenical dialogue. If there are any titles that you feel should be made available to our membership, please let us know and we will try to provide them. Thank you for sharing in the work of the Society of St John Chrysostom-Western Region.
For further information, please contact Bob Greenwell, treasurer of SSJC-WR by clicking the previous link. The following files containing lists of available books, compact discs, and DVD's available for lending can be downloaded in Excel or PDF form:
ssjc-wr library 2015 (xls), or SSJC-WR Library by category 2015 (xls),
ssjc-wr library 2015 (pdf), or SSJC-WR Library by category (pdf)

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