Minutes — May 16, 2015

SSJC-WR GENERAL MEETING Minutes May 16, 2015

Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church 2540 San Diego Ave., San Diego, CA 92110

Present: Fr. George Morelli, Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis, Fr. James Babcock, Fr. Ramon Merlos, Fr. James Bankston, Pastor Paul Bieber, Dcn. Michael Creighton, Bob Greenwell, Diane Alves, Victor Vallejo, George Abdelsayed, Patty Diaz, Mark and Kimberly Hartman. Excused: Frank Scialdone, Anne Petach, Jim Trageser The meeting opened at approximately noon immediately following speakers and a prayer service led by Msgr. Dennis. Agenda Approval: Motion: Bob Greenwell. Second: Fr. Ramon Merlos. Agenda Approved. President’s Report: After thanking the host parish and Program speakers, Fr. George immediately asked for a Vice President’s report. Vice President’s Report: Fr. Ramon called attention to the fact that we were meeting in a church that we have not met in previously and suggested that we should find more new locations. Discussion ensued because no one from Immaculate Conception was present which made us wonder if communication had failed. Bob read from Immaculate Conception’s bulletin making us aware that our event had been published. It was pointed out that the parish neighborhood has changed from residential to historic/tourist/hotel location, so that it is now less like an average parish and more predominantly focused on outreach to visitors. Treasurer’s Report: Bob Greenwell reported that as of 4/30 we had $1,071.94. He has since written a check for $123.00 to pay for our website, leaving approximately $948. Currently there is still an unpaid bill for around $460 from the printer, and we will have to reimburse Anne approximately $200 for postage to mail newsletters leaving less than $300, which is not enough for another newsletter; however, membership dues are due July 1, which will bail us out for now. Secretary report: Diane asked if the members had received the minutes of the last meeting. She also circulated a few printed copies. Motion was made for approval of the minutes of the January meeting. Motion: Bob Greenwell. Second: Deacon Michael Creighton. Motion carried. Sgt. At Arms / Parliamentarian: Frank Scialdone just had an MRI. Bob Greenwell pointed out his serious medical condition. Fr. George said he will talk to Frank. In the meantime, Mark Hartman who is qualified for this position, volunteered to fill in. Historian’s Report: Anne was excused today. Light of the East Newsletter: In the absence of Jim Trageser, Fr. James Babcock, our Executive editor, filled in. He mentioned that Jim missed the deadline for the current issue of the newsletter. He said we have to get it to the printer 30 days before events we are advertising since printing might take two weeks, and we still have to distribute the newsletters leaving some time after distribution for people to decide to attend. The Executive Board will take up the matter of deadlines and timelines for the newsletter at their next meeting.  On the subject of attendance at our meetings, George Abdelsayed suggested that we might get more attendance at meetings if we phoned people to invite/remind them. Mark proposed that members receive only an electronic copy of the newsletter to save on postage (except for those few members who don’t have email). Several of us who are very computer literate mentioned that we had received a copy via the mailman, but no electronic copy yet. No electronic copy of the newsletter had been received by Diane yet for posting on the website and Anne hadn’t sent out the electronic copy to members.  Motion was made that the secretary (Anne) should be directed to review her mailing and email address lists in an effort to save money on postage. Jim should be directed to send electronic copies (PDF) of the newsletter to both Anne and Diane at the same time that he sends the PDF file to the printer. Motion: Mark Hartman, Second: Bob Greenwell. Motion carried.   OLD BUSINESS Upcoming SSJC-WR programs (Details which have so far been determined): Sept. 26, 2015. “Different Translations of Scripture used by Catholics and Orthodox.” Speakers and locations TBD. Bob Greenwell will ask his new pastor at Holy Angels if the meeting could be hosted there. Fr. George mentioned that Presbytera Eugenia Constantinou could be asked to be a speaker.  Nov. 14, 2015. “The Oriental Churches” (in general, not just Copts but including the Syriac, Syro-Malabar, etc.). Ideally in Orange County, possibly at the Coptic Church.  January , 2016 (TBD). tentative topic: ”The Diaconate: East and West” Western speaker: (TBD). Eastern speaker : Rev Deacon Maxim Najim of St. George’s Antiochian Orthodox Church. Location: TBD. Discussion of a meeting in the Los Angeles area led Fr. George to suggest the Antiochian Cathedral there (The pastor of the cathedral is Dcn. Najim’s father). It was then suggested that we might get a bus or rent a van and travel there together. Other suggested locations: The Ukrainian church in Hollywood. Also, Fr. James Bankston offered to host any meeting for which we need an emergency last minute location at his church in La Mesa. Victor Vallejo who lives in LA offered to help us find alternative locations in Los Angeles if necessary. He has connections with the Newman center at USC, the Huffington Ecumenical Institute, and other possibilities. NEW BUSINESS:  Nominating Committee: Due to his health, Frank Scialdone cannot handle this. We will be voting in November for Vice President and Secretary. Marc volunteered to replace Frank to head the nominating committee. The other two volunteers for the committee were Bob Greenwell and Fr. Dcn. Michael Creighton.         Suggestions for future programs: - “Extreme Violence,” under some aspect, is still open for reexamination. - “Country by Country Analysis of Places where Eastern Christians are threatened,” was suggested by Fr. James Babcock. - A suggestion was also made that we review what programs we have had over the years. Does Anne have a list? Booths or card tables at parish festivals: Fr. George thinks Fr. Jerome, the retired Navy chaplain who heads the Orthodox clergy council can help us get free booths or at least card tables at Orthodox festivals. Fr. Dennis can probably help us in the same way for Roman Catholic parish festivals. Discussion moved to specific festivals. Probably the next is the St. Spyridon Greek festival in early June (and possibly a festival at Holy Trinity in El Cajon). Other ideas: A Facebook page. After discussion Mark volunteered to create one for us. Executive Board Meeting: Late June or early July after Bob Greenwell returns from the national SSJC conference in Washington, DC or in early June before he travels. Next Meeting: Sept. 26. 2015 Motion to close: Bob Greenwell Second: Fr. James Babcock The meeting ended around 1 p.m., with a closing prayer led by Fr. James Bankston. Respectfully submitted by Secretaries, Diane Alves (recording) and Anne Petach

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