Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain canonized

Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain (1924-1994), a monk of of Mt. Athos who was renowned for his holiness and the wisdom of his spiritual writings was recently canonized by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. Note: Cononizations by the Ecumenical Patriarchate are significantly less frequent than those by the Roman Pontiff.  http://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/01/13/elder-paisios-canonized-by-patriarch-bartholomew-of-constantinople/

Renewed Possibilities for the Apostolic Churches

SSJC-WR President’s Message 2013 Summer Archpriest George Morelli, PhD A number of historically momentous events among the Apostolic Churches have occurred since the last Light of the East President’s message. First and foremost was the papal resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the first pontiff to resign since the resignation of Pope Gregory XII during the […]

The New Martyrs In Syria

Fr. George Morelli

Even a cursory reading or exposure to the current news media has made the world aware of the new martyrs among the Christians of the Apostolic Churches in Syria. Christians make up merely 10% of the 22 million inhabitants of Syria, with most belonging to the Greek Orthodox, Melkite-Greek Catholic and Syrian Orthodox Patriarchates of […]

An Interview with Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

Pope Benedict and Met. Hilarion

A year and a half ago, while searching for a recording of Bach’s Matthäus-Passion to share with a friend, I stumbled across a YouTube clip entitled simply: ”St Matthew Passion. No. 1.” Filled with idle musical curiosity, I clicked away, and within moments, realized that I had discovered something extraordinary. This was breathtaking music; grandiose, […]

President’s Message: Our Prayerful Thanks to God for All Who Uphold Christian Moral Principles

Fr. George Morelli

In past President’s messages I have not focused on the non-Apostolic Churches and their ecumenical situation, as that might seem irrelevant to our SSJC-WR concerns. However, in my past President’s messages I have talked about moral alliances that both Catholics and Orthodox can form. Such alliances have been proposed by Pope Benedict XVI and Orthodox […]

Orientale Lumen XV Conference Audio


From June 20-23, 2011, the Society of St. John Chrysostom, Eastern Churches Journal, Eastern Christian Publications, and the Orientale Lumen Foundation held a popular and scholarly conference for lay men, lay women, and clergy entitled Orientale Lumen XV. The theme for the conference, held at the Washington Retreat House in Washington, D.C., was “Rome and […]

Zeal: Among the First of Virtues of our Missionary Apostolate

Fr. George Morelli

Message from Fr. George Morelli, President of the Society of St. John Chrystostom – Western Region. Taken from “Light of the East” spring edition newsletter. It may not have occurred to some SSJC members and supporters that our association is actually a missionary society. Our apostolate is to convert the Christians who make up the […]

Just Published! Light of the East spring newsletter.


Our spring newsletter was just released and is chock full of interesting and compelling topics. Included is article by Anne Petach about the symposium held at the Huffington Ecumenical Institute on War and Peace in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions. Also included is part two of the series, “Steps Toward a Reunited Church: A sketch […]

We’ve updated our events list


The Society has many interesting events planned this spring and early summer. We hope you find them interesting and will join us. Check out “Upcoming Events” on the sidebar on the right side of this page to see what is new. Also notable is the Orientale Lumen XV Conference to be held in Washington, DC […]

Hot off the press! ‘Light of the East’ winter newsletter


The winter newsletter is available for download. Subjects include a report of the North American Orthodox-Catholic Consultation held on October 10, 2010 at Georgetown University, and essay by Western Region President Fr. George Morelli titled “Moral Courage: Something the Apostolic Churches can do now”, news on upcoming events including a seminar on War and Peace, […]

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